Epsilon Electronics Group was started in 1990 and incorporated in 1991, as a small, high-tech company, under the name of Hughey-Pisau Ltd.  Its goal was to apply the experience of its owners in electronics & microcontroller based design, as well as in PC & Networking industries.  During its first year of existance, in house research produced prototypes of a proximity sensor array, usable as a non-contact, through barrier activated keypad.  This Field Disturbance Input Technology, or FDIT™ represents a breakthrough in proximity sensor design and signal processing techniques, and employs a new method for mesuring small capacitors and detecting small variations in the value of a capacitor.  In 1995, after one of the original owners left the company, company name was changed to Epsilon Group Inc.  US patent applications for this new technology were submitted in 1993, and a US patent 5,469,364 was awarded in 1995 followed by a US patent 5,586,042 awarded in 1996 .

Overseas marketing efforts of Epsilon Group Inc. generated distributor arrangements with major players in the US Telecom and PC industries, and generated significant sales in Eastern Europe.  This area of activity was separated into a new Corporation in 1996, under the name of Epsilon Electronics Corp.  Epsilon Electronics Corporation is providing small series and prototypes of FDIT™ products, under a license from Epsilon Group Inc., in addition to its VAR and export activities, while  Epsilon Group Inc. concentrates on new development, support and consulting forFDIT™, and licensing agreements for OEMs.

Epsilon Group Inc.
Epsilon Electronics Corporation
Field Disturbance Input Technology
Proximity Sensors and Data Entry Devices
Telecom and Data Processing
Solutions and Equipment
  • FDIT OEM licensing
  • International Distributor / VAR
  • FDIT OEM support
  • Web  Access and Solutions Consulting
  • FDIT Prototypes
  • FDIT Small Series Custom Products
  • FDIT implementation consulting
  • Network and Network Appliances Equipment

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