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The market for personal computers, components, and electronic equipment in the United States is the most competitive in the world.  No other place on planet earth has more variety of choices or lower prices.  Often, products are available on the U.S. market 12 to 24 months before they are available in Europe.

The European and U.S. markets are different.  Price differences for the same product in U.S. and Europe reflect the quantities sold into the smaller national markets of Europe versus the huge U.S. market.  The European import duties are often higher than the U.S. ones.  This it is why the prices in the U.S. for many electronic components and subassemblies are better than their European counterparts.  We appreciate your help in identifying these differences, and pointing out the opportunities resulting from these differences.

Epsilon Electronics Corporation has been in business since 1990, and has decades of combined experience in the electronics industry.  Most of this experience is concentrated in Networking, PC system design and integration, and Industrial Data Aquisition.  This means we know what is good, what is quality, what works together, and what does not. We also have all the contacts, having been in the PC industry since 1986.  We know how to "buy right" at the best prices.

We are capable of more than searching for best price on a particular product or service you might need. We can recommend complete solutions, not just products.  We sell best-of-breed from top US, Taiwan, and Japoneese manufacturers, and offer the most cost effective solution to match your needs.

Working with Epsilon Electronics Corporation will give you the flexibility of access to the entire U.S. market, instead of limiting yourself to a very few high-priced international companies.  To obtain a no-obligation quote, simply let us know what you need.  You can specify a particular brand and model, or just let us know what the technical requirements of you application are.  We will perform the application engineering at no cost, and report on the products and options available to suit your purpose.



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